Saturday, 1 December 2012

Year 9 Explore London

The whole of Year 9 explored London in style this term from the comfort of a Duck tour!  We were searching for evidence of globalisation in London.

We found lots of evidence that links London to other places around the world...we spoke to tourists visiting London, saw many global brands and gathered evidence that showed London has many business links around the world.

It was a great experience for us all, we saw all the famous sights of London and even went alone the river in the 'Duck' bus!

We saw first-hand how London is a complex city with connections all over the world.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


All GCSE Geographers now have access to Kerboodle. This is an excellent resource full of interactive revision exercises and exam practice.  Your teachers will be setting you practise tests on Kerboodle as well.  Make sure you are using this site to help you with your revision.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

9L- Apple Factory video clips

What is your opinion? Do you think the children should boycott the Apple factory? Why? What can we do?
Imagine you are a newspaper reporter who has visited the Foxconn factory in China. You must write a newspaper article to express you views, include interviews with workers, charities and apple owners and include findings from the Foxconn factory. View the videos on the geography blog. You must refer to other people’s opinions from the videos.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


21 students with 4 teachers and an expert!  
Today saw the first day of data collection - we were looking at the quality of life in El Raval and how flagship projects help to regenerate urban areas.  Amanjot found Zone 4 really interesting because it showed a real contrast with Zone 3. Saif found the whole experience of observing and recording his impressions systematically really invaluable.

It's now 5:45 pm and we are waiting for our evening session to start... Geography field trips may look like fun... but we do work hard!!!

Tomorrow its the beach!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

September Stars

Every month the Geography department will nominate a student from each KS3 class to be a 'Star of the Month'.  Students may be nominated because they have shown great improvement in geography, they produced an exceptional piece of work or for continued outstanding work.

This month the 'Stars' are as follows:

7J      Harleen Kapoor                               7P    Meera Makwana
7K     Zak Williams                                    7Q   Limusy Kondi
7L     Kush Patel                                        7R   Huda Abdi
7M                                                            7S

8J      Arjan Nagi                                       8P    Aisha Mughal
8K    Joweria Lucky                                  8Q   Jessica Bayton
8L     Nikhil Vadhera                                 8R   Pooja Gupta
8M    Ola Duma                                        8S    Aaron Chandi

9J      Anisha Sharma                                 9P   Kevin Lam
9K    Manveer Ubhi                                  9Q   Jack Phillipson
9L     Soroosh Durani                                9R   Nimrita Ubhi
9M    Corrina Parma                                 9S    Mohamad Ahmed

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Year 10s get to grips with maps in Japanese!

On Monday 26th September all year 10 GCSE geographers took part in a workshop run by the British Cartographic Society.  The challenge was to make a map to be used in the rescue effort after the Japanese earthquake in March 2011.  This was made that little bit harder by the maps being in Japanese and there being no Japanese speakers in the hall!

The workshop was a part of the London Mapping Festival which was launched in June 2011 and runs all year. The workshop team was made up of professional cartographers, who gave up a day's work to come and work with Lampton geographers.  All of the workshop facilitators were really impressed with students - commenting on how engaged they were with the tasks and how well they tackled the challenge.  The results will come through in the next couple of weeks.  Watch this space!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Volcano Competition: And the winner is....

Well done to all the Year 8 students that entered the competition, it was extremely difficult to decide on a winner as there were so many fantastic entries.  But here are the final results below:

Overall Competition Winner: Emma Grainger 8J

  • Most realistic volcano winner: Amina Malik 8M
  • Most realistic volcano runner-up: Ryan Nichols 8P
  • Most educational volcano winner: Aleksandra Pudlo 8M
  • Most educational volcano runner-up: Aqeel Bhatti 8Q
  • Best eruption winner: Amir Sagedhi 8M
  • Best eruption runner-up: Reece Harrison 8P

    Due to the high standard of entries the following students have been awarded Highly Commended for their volcanoes:
    - John-Joesph Mack 8P                                              - Patricia Marquina 8P
    - Muaad Shawesh 8P                                                  - Athavan Skandakumar 8P
    - Gaurav Vaseer 8P                                                    - Zoraiz Butt 8J
    - Jaivir Gupta 8J                                                          - Will Robinson 8J
    - Abdullah Salim 8J                                                     - Aaron Chandi 8S
    - Maria Ladj 8S                                                          - Hannah Phillips 8S
    - Gautam Sharma 8S                                                  - Tanya Sharma 8M
    - Joesph Woodward 8M                                            - Makaranda Jayasinghe-Arachchige 8Q
    - Nayan Kad 8Q                                                        - Saleh Soomro 8Q